College Boy Physicals – Massage Therapy

These guys just can’t get enough cock, so you don’t want to miss this college boy physicals video. The guys were there for their football examination, but their doctor made them a pretty good offer for a study. They had to jerk off their hard tools for this study the university was having and they each received 500$ for the training. Well the guys sure needed the money, so they ended up in this empty examination room with lots of porn magazines. They didn’t have two empty rooms, so they guys ended up sharing the same room. They got undressed and when they were about to start the doctor came in.

He wanted to check out his favorite patients and also to help them out if they needed it. So they guys thought to take advantage of his offer and that’s how they got their hard cocks sucked by their doctor. He was even happier when he saw Eric and Sean’s monster cock. so it was a pleasure for him to get them in his filthy mouth and get all covered with creamy loads of cum. Enjoy it!

Exam with Massage Therapy

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College Boy Physicals – Wrestler Physical

In this college boy physicals video you are in for a treat. These two hot hunks were there for their examination, well not both of them one came to support his friends. After these hot gay twinks waited in the lobby for a while the doctor finally told him to enter in the examination room and that he was going to be there in 10 –15 minutes. He understood his doctor, although he was extremely nervous. After sitting there for 5 minute he invited his bud in there with him to keep him company.

But the guys got horny while waiting so they thought to take advantage of the empty room and started sucking and fucking all over the place. After the took turns on sucking each other’s hard cock they started nailing their buttholes, of course, until the doctor came in and found them fucking each other senseless. So check out the video to see how it all ended and see you next time with more collegeboyphysicals updates. Enjoy it! Bye bye

Gerry Emanual – Wrestler Physical

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Special Examination

Nick Kush is our guest for today’s update on college boy physicals and he sure did a great job in the examination room. This smoking hot hunk with green eyes and with cupid’s bow lips made his doctor even hornier than he usually is. The doctor loves jerking off hot boys so he introduced himself and started listening why he came today. It seems like Nick had a little accident on the football court and wanted to get a full body control, to be sure he is ok.

If he wanted full check out, that’s what he received. So the doctor started checking his senses, heart rate and his reflexes as well. Then he asked him to undress completely and to make himself comfortable. Before Nick could say anything he grabbed his hard cock and started stoking it, he couldn’t get enough of his monster cock and didn’t stop until he got covered with creamy loads of cum. He told Nick that this was a special technique he learned and that helped him figure out if he is healthy. So check out the entire gallery to see what happens to Nick next. Enjoy it and see you next time with more collegeboyphysicals updates!

college-boy-physicals- Stress Testing

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College Boy Physicals Josef Salvador

Today we have with us college boy physicals Mike and his insane examination gallery. Like every college student a few extra bucks didn’t hurt anyone, so this hot emo gay went to this clinic research study to try out his luck. They were looking for college studs that were willing to do a little extra for some dollars. He entered the room and after he received a full body control, he was asked to undress. Although Mike didn’t enjoyed what he had to he really needed the money.

Doctor Dick took care of his examination and after he milked his hard tool he wanted to try out in his butthole as well, but he didn’t knew how to tell Mike. So the doc grabbed his cock and started sucking it until he got him all hard and horny and then he bent over and got what he really wanted from Mike. A rough anal fuck that would stretched his butthole to the limits. So don’t miss out this insane gallery and see how this college hunk ends up fucking his university doctor. Enjoy it!

Josef Salvador – Medical Exam

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Kevin Finale

Justin has his fair share of college boy physicals examination with our hot and horny doctor. Justin needed to pass the drug test no matter what he had to do to get it thru. So he made an appointment to their college guys doctor and went to his office to talk about his little problem. His doctor always had a crush for him so he wanted to meet in the examination room the get a better look at the results. Justin knew what he had to do so he would get approved.

So after they both saw that the results came back positive, Justin got on his knees and started sucking his hard tool. He grabbed and stuffed his hard cock in his filthy mouth and didn’t stop sucking it until he got all covered with creamy loads of cum all over his pretty face and over his six pack abs. The doc wanted to get even with his favorite student so he returned the favor and started pleasing his monster tool as well. And this was only the beginning, so don’t miss out this insane gallery and see how it all ended. See you next time! Bye bye

Kelvin Sasser – Annual Physical Exam

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CollegeBoyPhysicals – Curtis K

JT came to the collegeboyphysicals for his monthly football physical examination. He was so happy this was his first year that he could play for an entire season and help his football team to win the championship. His usual doc was out of the town for the week so he was scheduled to a new doctor that was taking his place. JT was so happy about the good news that he didn’t mind the new doctor checking him out. But as you can see this isn’t and ordinary check out. This new doc has a weakness for athletic guys and JT surely looks hot.

So the doctor asked him to undress and show off his fit body, but after JT took off his t-shirt and his pants the doc insisted on seeing this tool as well. He put him on the table and after checking his reflexes, heart beat, he started playing with his hard tool. JT wanted to leave the examination room, but he wanted to play the entire season football. So he got his hard tool milked and the doctor got covered with nasty jizz all over his body. Enjoy it and we’ll be back next week with more updated for you guys or check out website and find similar videos.

 collegeboyphysicals-Curtis K 

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College Boy Physicals Porn – Shaw Malcolm

We are back with another college boy physicals porn scene for you guys. Doctor Dick got a special patient today in his examination room and she sure enjoyed his company. Jacob came in needing his endurance test taken, which our doctor was more than pleased to administer to Jacob. The doc checked his reflexes, senses and his heart as well.  Then he asked Jacob to take of his clothes and checked him out while doing it. As he watched him his cock started to twitch in his pants as he fought to contain his growing erection.

Then Doctor Dick started the endurance test and grabbed his hard cock and started sucking it. He couldn’t take it anymore, so it didn’t took him too long to started sucking it. He didn’t stop until he got all covered with creamy loads of cum all over his hands and face. Of course Jacob passed his endurance test with no problems and could continue with his sport activities. Check out this insane collegeboyphysicals update and see you guys next time with more or if you can’t resist until the next week’s update cum inside website and have fun watching other sexy twinks getting fucked.

Shaw Malcolm

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Examination with a Happy Ending

We are back with another college boy physicals update for you guys. Travis came to the clinic the other day complaining about his leg pain after his football match.  He asked for Dr. Phingerphuck, but he was booked in that moment, so he send his attending to take care of Travis. The hunky doctor entered the room and presented himself to the hot stud. The doc begun his examination and asked his patient to take off his clothes.

So in a few minutes Travis was naked and had his hard cock down his doctor’s throat. Our hot attending was so happy to get this cute athletic hunk’s dick into his mouth. He just couldn’t get enough of it and didn’t stop sucking it he got all covered with creamy loads of cum all over her hot body. Travis forgot about his leg pain with that cock pleasing and went home extremely happy about the amazing blowjob he received in the examination room. So don’t miss out the entire gallery to check out how it all went. Enjoy it and don’t forget to check out blog if you wanna see other hot gays fucking and sucking big dicks.


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CollegeBoyPhysicals – Tristan Gunns

Today we had a new candidate for our collegeboyphysicals study. The word spread in the campus that at the clinic there was study that paid really good. So it didn’t took too long to have our first student in with a flyer in his hand. After he entered the examination room, we explained our stud that the study was for gentleman’s with extra large tools. Then he was more than pleased to show me with what he was working.


He dropped his pants and he sure had a extra large tool to brag with, just like the guys from maverickmen videos. So we told him that he was perfect for the examination and so we proceed. One of the doctor’s undressed him completely and asked him to make himself comfortable on the table. Then he grabbed his big cock and started stroking until it was all all hard. Then he started milking it until he got the cum that he wanted from him. Don’t miss the entire gallery too see how it all ended and also check out more of our college boy physicals pics and videos. Enjoy it and see you next time!

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College Boy Physicals – The Officer and Zeke

Michael is our guest in this college boy physicals update we brought you today. Michael is a investigator that the police assigns for the special cases. This time he has to find a drug dealer that was living in the campus. So after he checked out all of the dorms he ended up in the clinic to take a look. When he got there he started questioning some of the handsome guys and he was lucky because the jocks were there for their monthly check out.

After they got the results, Michael wanted to talk with the ones that failed their drug test. He didn’t have to work to hard to find the guilty one, so he took him in a examination room to talk in private. After Michael told him what punishments are waiting for him, our poor college hunk got extremely scared. But no worries, because Michael had a special one for him. He put him on his knees and stuffed his hard cock in his filthy mouth. He just couldn’t wait to get him all covered with creamy loads of cum. So enjoy this collegeboyphysicals update!


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