Sweet Physical Revenge

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back to a new and juicy college boy physicals update. You know why you’re here and so do we, and rest assured that there’s quite the superb gay fuck scene here to check out today! The show today has another threesome of sorts with two guys cornering one of their college mates and having their fun with the guy for the afternoon. They wanted to teach this smug guy a lesson as he didn’t want to help them with some homework in the past and they finally got their collegeboyphysicals hands on him for the afternoon. Let’s watch them tease his cock and play with him in a kinky way for the whole gallery today shall we?

He gets all of his clothes taken off him by the two guys and they know fully well how to play nasty with him today. They go right ahead to hold him down as they started to stroke that cock of his and you can even see them taking his dick for a good sucking. And when that’s done, you can also see the guy with the white take top take a ride on his now rock hard dick too. We’ll be seeing you soon once more with all new and all fresh galleries and we can promise that they will be just as hot and kinky too. Until then take your time to check this one out fully and like we said, stay tuned to make sure that you catch the next ones everyone!


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