The Team Morale

As the cameras roll for this week’s college boy physicals scene you get a bit of a special treat. You know that usually you get to see some older men getting kinky and getting all touchy feely with some hot college studs playing with their hot bodies. Well this afternoon they were busy with other projects so you get to see a proper and naughty gay fuck session go down with some hot guys. The two are still hot and horny college guys and they just came back from soccer practice and are the only ones in this collegeboyphysicals locker room. So you can bet that they ended up doing the nasty with one another this afternoon as they had that privacy!

When the show starts off, the two have just gotten back from off the field. And they seem to have taken an early leave. So maybe that’s why they were the only ones in the lockers. Anyway, as soon as they know they’re all alone, watch them undressing one another quite fast and you get to see them taking the time to suck each other’s nice and big cocks. That’s just the appetizer before the main course as you very well know and once they get done with the foreplay, you can get to sit back and watch as they get to fuck anally too. They are just amazing with this little scene here and don;t worry next week we’ll be back to seeing the trio do their regular shenanigans!


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