Kyle and Liam

Another fresh week and time to see another fresh college boy physicals scene. We promised you something special last time, so here we are with that. The two studs that you get to see in this gallery are Kyle and Liam, two hot new guys that got to pay a visit to the doctor’s office this afternoon only to have two mature guys getting to play with their bodies and hard cocks today. Well you know that we always have the best of the best gay scenes here anyway, so let’s just get this collegeboyphysicals show on the road and let’s see the pair playing nasty with each other shall we? You can see the two guys jacking off one another’s dicks for this one!


Like we mentioned, you know fully well what to expect to see around this place and like always, we aim to bring you the most amazing and hot gay sex scenes. The hot hunks that you always get to see play around with new guys are experts at teasing dicks and it shows in each and every single scene they take part in. Anyway, they made a wonderful job of making these two jocks get naughty and nasty and we hope that you had fun with it too. We’ll see you again next week of course, just a usual, and there will be even more new galleries. Meanwhile, just take your time with this one and do check out the past galleries as well for even more naughty stuff!

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College Boy Physicals – Sweet Revenge

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back to a new and juicy college boy physicals update. You know why you’re here and so do we, and rest assured that there’s quite the superb gay fuck scene here to check out today! The show today has another threesome of sorts with two guys cornering one of their college mates and having their fun with the guy for the afternoon. They wanted to teach this smug guy a lesson as he didn’t want to help them with some homework in the past and they finally got their collegeboyphysicals hands on him for the afternoon. Let’s watch them tease his cock and play with him in a kinky way for the whole gallery today shall we?

He gets all of his clothes taken off him by the two guys and they know fully well how to play nasty with him today. They go right ahead to hold him down as they started to stroke that cock of his and you can even see them taking his dick for a good sucking. And when that’s done, you can also see the guy with the white take top take a ride on his now rock hard dick too. We’ll be seeing you soon once more with all new and all fresh galleries and we can promise that they will be just as hot and kinky too. Until then take your time to check this one out fully and like we said, stay tuned to make sure that you catch the next ones everyone!


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Rammed His Bum

Well hello there once more everyone and welcome back as always to another new college boy physicals collection of naughty guys getting kinky with one another just for you in this afternoon scene. The experts are back with more and they want to show you how they get to examine this new co worker they have at the firm. He just got hired by them and they need to make sure that he understands the hierarchy of this whole thing without delay too. So without further due, let’s get to see this guy getting a good butt fucking from his co workers for the whole afternoon. We can guarantee that you will simply love the whole collegeboyphysicals show this afternoon!


Pretty much as soon as they get started, the guy gets to feel the special treatment of the trio as they get to take off his suit. Since he’s going to be the one on the receiving end for today’s scene, you can watch him getting his body pampered as the trio massages him and play with his body as well. And on top of that, you can see him getting that nice and hard cock sucked as well to make sure that he’s gotten nice and excited too. After that you can see him bend over the desk and the guys get to take turns fucking him in the ass nice and deep as they make the guy moan. Enjoy the show and see you soon with another new and hot gallery update as per usual!

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The New Boss

For this new week’s hot and sexy college boy physicals scene, we get to see more naughty group action as there’s no less than four guys getting to play nasty for you and the cameras here today! There’s three of them that just wanted to get to have a play with the football team’s star player this afternoon and the manager was more than happy to let them get around to do it. So as we kick off this juicy and hot new collegeboyphysicals gallery this fine day, you can expect to check out some more simply incredibly nasty and hot and juicy gay scenes with naughty studs getting kinky. So let’s get those cameras rolling and let’s see the action already shall we?

The action takes place in the lockers again as you can clearly see and the footballer gets to have all the attention he wants too. It’s not the first time that the manager and him played like this and he’s very happy to have more guys get to join in on the fun. So as the fresh guys get to touch him all over and play with that muscular body, the guy in the suit gets down on his knees and starts to work that cock with his masterful hands. Just relax and take your time to see him stroking that dick fast and hard and before you know it he makes the guy blow his load as well. It’s an amazing little scene and we’re sure that you will love it!


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College Boy Physicals – Sexual Desire

Another fresh week and time for another new and hot college boy physicals update to be brought to you. If you’ve been here long enough, you know fully well what you can see around this place and just how hot and kinky all the content is as well. So naturally, we get to watch another new scene with a hot guy getting treated to a nice afternoon teasing session as two more mature guys get to play with his hot body. And as you can see from the preview, the teacher and the coach are all over him in this nice collegeboyphysicals scene. Sit back and watch them play with this guy’s incredibly hot naked body for the whole scene and let’s get the show going!


The story goes a little bit like this. It seems that he managed to scrape his knee pretty badly when he was running around on the field and you can bet that he’s the star player of the team for more reasons than just being good at the game. So because of that, both the coach and the teach took the guy to the infirmary to treat his wound. And do other things too by the looks of it. Either way, the guy doesn’t mind as he quite enjoys the treatment that he gets and the two other guys know it. See them massage his body and his cock before they properly treat his knee and see them make his boo boo all better by making him blow a load too!

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The Team Morale

As the cameras roll for this week’s college boy physicals scene you get a bit of a special treat. You know that usually you get to see some older men getting kinky and getting all touchy feely with some hot college studs playing with their hot bodies. Well this afternoon they were busy with other projects so you get to see a proper and naughty gay fuck session go down with some hot guys. The two are still hot and horny college guys and they just came back from soccer practice and are the only ones in this collegeboyphysicals locker room. So you can bet that they ended up doing the nasty with one another this afternoon as they had that privacy!

When the show starts off, the two have just gotten back from off the field. And they seem to have taken an early leave. So maybe that’s why they were the only ones in the lockers. Anyway, as soon as they know they’re all alone, watch them undressing one another quite fast and you get to see them taking the time to suck each other’s nice and big cocks. That’s just the appetizer before the main course as you very well know and once they get done with the foreplay, you can get to sit back and watch as they get to fuck anally too. They are just amazing with this little scene here and don;t worry next week we’ll be back to seeing the trio do their regular shenanigans!


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College Boy Physicals – Footballer Connor

Today’s new and fresh college boy physicals has this football jock getting his examination at the hands of these hot studs for the afternoon as they train a new guy themselves. But all in all you know fully well what to expect from these scenes anyway. You get to basically see another hot stud getting teased and toyed with at the hands of some naughty experts this afternoon and they, like always, like to take their time to play around with some hard cocks too. So let’s get those collegeboyphysicals cameras rolling and let’s watch the action go down as we bet that you all want to see another hot stud getting his cock jacked off in front of the cameras and you!


As the show begins, the stud gets to enter the office. And it’s off as today there’s more than just the regular one guy. But of course, this isn’t his first rodeo either so he knows fully well what is going to go down. he’s kind of happy with it though as he never got to had the attention of three guys at the same time either. Anyway, watch them undressing the guy slowly and then see the stud bend over to present that sexy ass for them as well in addition to his cock. Then you can watch his sexy ass spread and finger fucked while at the same time getting his hard cock stroked nice and hard. We’ll let you enjoy this one and we’ll see you again soon with more!

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Time To Reunite

Hey there again everyone. We’re back in action with this new college boy physicals update this afternoon and it’s just as hot as all the rest that you’ve gotten to see around this place as well. In this scene you can see a pair of hot new hunks as they get teased a lot by three guys in suits in the nurse’s office. It’s time for the college physicals exams and these three docs couldn’t be more happy about it as they get to lay their hands all over some pretty hot and sexy studs this afternoon. So let’s get to watch it all go down in this collegeboyphysicals update and you can see the two naked studs getting touched all over those muscular and sexy naked bodies without delay!

As they enter the office, the guys got to lock the door behind them as there’s no interruptions during their “examination” today. So once they have the guys all nice and nude, watch them starting to get to touch them all over and start teasing them with their masterful hands. The guys are a bit confused as to what’s going down but they seem to be fine with going along with it anyway. So have fun watching them stand there motionless and enjoying the jacking off sessions that they get from the three experienced doctors today. We’ll see you again soon with another new gallery update and even more hot guys everyone. See you next week and make sure to drop by!


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College Boy Physicals – Building Pleasure

Hey there guys, college boy physicals is back ocne again and we have some more new and fresh updates for you to check out without delay here today. And in this one we get to watch a lad that gt himself in a bit of trouble as he got caught trying to take something onto a plane that he wasn’t allowed to. Well, as you can see, he was called in the inspector’s office and the two guys there decided to teach him a valuable lesson by playing kinky with his body for this afternoon. So let’s just get to kick things off and watch the action go down with the stud in this superb and new little collegeboyphysicals scene for the afternoon right here and right now!


So anyway, like we said, he gets called into the office and right away he’s flanked by the two guys. As they put their hands on him, they start to make him feel real good as they take off his pants and underwear. See them starting to tease the guy off at first with just playing with his dick and balls and you can see him getting harder and harder. So now that they know that he’s enjoying this they get get even nastier too, which means that next, you get to see them taking their time to stroke his nice and thick cock. And they don’t stop until he shoots his load either for this one. Check it out and see you all next week with another new and hot update!

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Big Dumb Lad

You know full well what you can get to see here at college boy physicals and there’s a new scene waiting for you to explore this fine week. This time we have two guys doing the examination of a dude that’s pretty big but not too smart. So since the two got horny and naughty they were very much looking forward to get nasty with him today. Let’s take the time to sit and relax while we watch them get all touchy feely with the guy teasing him as much as they want for this afternoon collegeboyphysicals scene. And yes, just like always you do get to see them put their skills to use as they get around to stroke that cock and jack off the guy this afternoon.

Anyway, as we get to start off the whole action scene you can see the guy coming to that office with the other two waiting for him. And pretty much from the start they get to restrain him as they get ti play with his body but first things first they want to spank that nice and round ass too. Sit back and enjoy the view of the guy moaning as he gets his fine ass spanked and then see him getting his cock played with too for being such a good sport about it. The scene is just amazing to say the least and we hope that you had fun. We’ll see you again next week with some more new and fresh content guys and gals. See you then and stay safe!


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