College Boy Physicals – Eduardo Bautista

Damian is our guest for today at college boy physicals. He went the other day at the school examination room and waited patiently for the doctor. But he got bored after a while and just couldn’t wait to get home, he need to blow his load immediately. After a few minutes the doctor came in and told him to wait a few extra 15-20 minutes. Damian just couldn’t take it anymore, he needed his examination for the football team, but he couldn’t wait another 15 minutes.

So he took off his cloths and slipped his hand in this underwear and started stroking his monster cock right there. But he noticed that he has so much time to waste he took off his underwear at well and continued. He grabbed his fat cock and continued milking it until he got cum all over his body. So don’t miss this hot gallery and we’ll be back next week with more collegeboyphysicals pics! Also you can click here and watch other hot guys masturbating!

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Damon Bowars in physical exam

Hot Damon is a lacrosse and hockey player and he made it to college. He was required to get the annual physical exam so he came to us. After a small talk he told us that he has a girlfriend but he is also a curious guy so he had sex with guys too. We couldn’t wait to see him naked and to discover what is he hiding in his boxers.  When he took his boxers off we was quite impressed.

He sat up on the exam table and spread his legs, letting us have a good look of his butthole. After we introduced a thermometer in his ass, it was time for a cavity inspection. Damon’s cock started to get rock hard when he got his ass fingered, so after the exam we let him take care of himself. Damon started to jerk off his big cock and he fingered his ass until he shoot a big load of cum. If you like this scene, you will also like watching hot military guys in physical exams, so go to and check them out now. Make sure to come back soon and check out now scenes!


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